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Pipe ramming is a trenchless method for installation of steel pipes or casings which a pneumatic tool is used to hammer the pipe or the casing into the ground while the excess soil from creating the borehole is removed to the surface.  The method is frequently used under railway and road embankments.  When casings are installed, pipes of other types for distribution of sewerage, water or gas, or electrical or telecommunication cables are subsequently inserted.  The method is non-steerable.

Compared to other trenchless methods such as augering and directional drilling, pipe ramming can save both total installation time and costs under favorable conditions.  Installation time can often be nearly 40% shorter than in augering because required width and depth of pits are smaller and actual installation is faster (40 to 60 feet sections can be rammed in half an hour while auger boring the same distance requires half a day).

Pipe Ramming

Pipe ramming essentially involves the ramming of steel pipe through soil using pneumatic devise – rather than creating a bore hole.  Here are some things to keep in mind for pipe ramming:

·         Uses steel pipe only

·         Optimum size is 4” to 60” in spans up to 400’

·         Requires a bore pit

·         Can be used in many types of soil conditions

·         Since smaller diameters of pipe can be deflected by obstructions such as boulders or cobbles,
..........accurate information on soil conditions is essential

·         The main limitation is less control over line and grade – so setup is critical

Cyrus L. Bowen Construction is experienced and qualified in pipe ramming.  We have the equipment and personnel to do any size job.

We have successfully rammed all sizes of pipe. Our biggest job was successfully completed with 100’ of 48” pipe and 80’ of 66”.