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Thrust boring Method of horizontal Auger boring is a process of simultaneously jacking through the earth while removing the spoil inside the encasement by means of a rotary auger.  In unstable soil conditions, the end of the auger is kept retracted back inside the encasement so as not to cause voids.  In stable soil conditions, the auger can be extended beyond the end of the encasement to facilitate the breaking down of the spoil removal.  In addition, in stable soils, rocky soils and rock conditions, cutting heads can be attached to the end of the auger or cutting head units can be mounted to the front of the encasement to actually bore the hole for the encasement to enter.

Cyrus L. Bowen Construction has been performing auger boring for 40 years.  The company has now expanded from 2” to 48” and beyond.

We will subcontract a job or contract a whole job.

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